MYOB in the Cloud

Rohan Brown

After a long wait MYOB have finally bought their bread-and-butter AccountRight software package (formerly MYOB Accounting) into the cloud, joining their other cloud offering, MYOB LiveAccounts.

MYOB LiveAccounts is a purely cloud-based product, operating through an internet browser, making it available anywhere the internet is accessible. It is great for users wanting a basic accounting solution, who are always on the move and have internet access. I also consider it ideal for those users not wanting to worry about upgrades, as this is all done as part of the service for you.

MYOB AccountRight Live is a little different. It is still the same old MYOB software you are used to with software installed on the computer (or windows-based tablet). However, you also have the ability to decide if you want to have your data file saved on your computer or housed on the internet/cloud

I think the cloud-based option really suits those people who usually have reliable, quick internet. Also those wanting access to their data from various computers/locations, with multiple simultaneous users able to have access. There are other advantages to your data file being housed on the internet/cloud including the risk of theft of your computer or hardware failure.

One of the big considerations of storing data on the cloud is the sharing of data with others, such as accountants. This is easily achieved by granting other users file access, which can also be revoked if need be. But this collaboration will allow for more efficient software assistance as well and better and more timely advice from advisors.

If you have MYOB support at the moment you actually have the ability to move a data file into the cloud now!

For any further information check out the MYOB website at or talk to your accountant.

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