13 Tips for Effective Marketing through Facebook

Chris Foster

As I have highlighted in my earlier blog articles, you should have a social media presence as part of your marketing strategy.

The most popular platform is currently Facebook.

I therefore recommend that if your marketing plan incorporates a social media presence, then you should set up a Facebook page as a minimum.

To use Facebook effectively, you should consider the following tips:

  1. Post regularly – I would suggest a minimum of once a day. You can schedule your posts through Facebook
  2. Monitor your Facebook page – respond to comments and feedback promptly
  3. Ensure you have a clear social media policy and your team understand it
  4. Change your cover picture regularly
  5. Include offers on your cover page
  6. Posts which you wish to remain current for a period of time can be “pinned” to the top of your newsfeed
  7. Use Facebook Ads and Sponsored Posts to cost effectively promote products, services and your business generally
  8. Encourage customers to “check in” on Facebook when in your business. These check ins will appear on their friends’ newsfeeds and provide greater exposure for your business
  9. Embed videos and photographs in your posts. These are more likely to appear on your fans’ newsfeeds
  10. Be conscious not to be seen to be just selling. Educate, interact and create community. Experts suggest that no more than 20% of your posts should be devoted to selling
  11. Encourage your fans to “share” your posts. This will expose your post to their friends’ Facebook pages
  12. Monitor your Facebook statistics with Insights. These analytics are accessible by any administrator of your Facebook page. Insights have been significantly enhanced in recent months
  13. Your Facebook presence can be significantly enhanced by the use of apps. These are available through Facebook and other organisations. Such apps can include those that manage competitions, Facebook ecommerce and online shopping, mailing list signups and so on. Search for Facebook developers to see what is available. Of course, specific apps can be designed for your business. Costs for these do vary.

I encourage you to take the plunge and become involved. As competitive forces continue to grow, building community and awareness in your market becomes even more critical!

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