Selling or Leasing the Farm Seminar

Peter Cramer

Just home from the seminar we presented tonight at GTP- entitled “Selling or leasing the Farm?”

This was to highlight the many issues that one faces when considering the sale or leasing out of the farm- and how we cannot overemphasise the importance of seeing us first so that many matters can be planned for in advance.

The potential for a massive tax bill is horrendous- and we showed how a massive tax bill could be reduced to a manageable one through early and strategic planning.

The support we got was terrific- a large number of clients and non clients turned up- they were very attentive and asked some really great questions.  It was very satisfying to be able to give out lots of information and pass on many of the lessons and strategies we have worked on over many years.

Kerry Schultz started off by covering many of the tax issues that one faces and then provided some excellent information on what can be done with good advice.  She pointed out that whilst much of this is very complex- our clients only really have to make sure they talk to us early- we can work the strategies to come up with solutions.

I covered off on a lot of structural planning, issues with estate planning, the importance of self managed super and how much of the concepts tie in together- but again reinforcing the importance of early and detailed planning.

The more we talk about  these major events, the more it is apparent that people risk massive tax bills if they don’t get specialist advice.

One of the real joys we get is being able to advise clients in very detailed and strategic ways to ensure they are much better off for having seen us.  Now that is a real buzz!

The feedback we received was terrific and just made the time and effort in preparing and presenting very rewarding!  Thanks to all who came and special thanks to Emily and the team at GTP for organising everything so well!  Now looking forward to the next one…!

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