GTP Website Resources

David Hadley

Several weeks ago Matt Richardson wrote a blog titled “Some basic tips for school leavers“. With this in mind I thought it appropriate to remind all our clients (not just our younger ones) of the fantastic tools we have on our web page!

First step

Type into your Web Browser (that’s at the top left of the computer screen).

May I draw your attention to the resources section of our internet page?

Second step

Click on the word “resources” at the top of the page or the large tab in the middle.

Third step

Simply click on “calculators“. The calculators are headed Mortgages/Debt and Other. I am guessing eight out ten people will head straight for the ‘Millionaire Calculator’.

These are great calculator that will enable you to do some quick scenarios. Whether it be looking at your borrowing capacity by using the “How much can I borrow?” or “what will the payments be on a loan at a specified term and interest rate?” – “Basic Loan Repayments”.

It is amazing what a big difference extra repayments on a loan can make. If you open the “Extra Repayments Calculator”  it defaults to a loan of $350,000 at an interest rate of 6% for a term of 30 years.   See how by making extra monthly repayments of $250 ($3,000 pa), you able to save over the term of the loan $72,000 or approximately 5 years of repayments.

Once you have finished utilising the calculators and are on your way to becoming a millionaire by utilising the “millionaire calculator”, have a look at ‘GTP TV’ . If you want to know more about a Self Managed Superannuation Fund watch Matt Richardson give a quick review on episode 22. If you are looking at preparing Payroll Summaries in MYOB,  Rohan Brown explains how this is done in episode 8. Or simply meet the team in our first episode.

It is interesting to see the varied topics that we have covered over the last couple of years. These have included Strategies for Estate Planning, Investing in Property, Eating a frog, Similarities between golf and business, to Tips on tax planning.  We were even discussing whether to move into the cloud some two years ago which is even more important today.

So why not explore our website to see if it can assist and benefit you in anyway?

Then, save it as your favourites so you can explore some more at a later time!