Add-on Software

Rohan Brown

The current generations of accounting packages such as MYOB and Xero offer access to a wide range of add-on software packages or apps for a better term. These software packages are generally developed by other software developers and often fill specific niches.

In years gone by, software users were often frustrated at the lack of ability to make their MYOB or similar software fit their business. For example the motor vehicle repair industry often wanted software that could track a vehicles service history regardless of the customer that owned the car at that time.

Now software vendors are using “API’s”, which are effectively a link into other software packages to allow other companies to write specific add on software that can perform specific functions or offer enhanced functions. They do this by either accessing data within the Accounting software to perform analysis on or posting accounting and GST data into the accounting program from enhanced accounting interfaces.

MYOB have over 140 Add-ons with examples of such software ranging from cashflow and profit analysis, SMS of invoices, Asset management, loyalty rewards systems, quoting and job management and Point of Sale just to name a few.

Many of the apps are tailored around being used on mobile devices. This is beneficial for software such as MYOB AccountRight Live which is a PC based platform. As mentioned earlier there are a number of industry specific add-ons such as Leap used by legal firms, Abtrac for professional service firms, Total Synergy for architects, designers and engineers etc. Each accounting software vendor shares a lot of the same apps, however there are a number specifically made to work with a specific software package be that MYOB or Xero.

To get benefit from these add-on’s you generally need to be in the cloud, however a number of these applications were designed to work on PC’s and work with the likes of MYOB AccountRight v.19 and earlier. To find more information and obtain pricing visit the relevant software vendor that you use. Prices can range from a few dollars a month to more than $1,000 per year.