Kerry Schultz

As XERO is cloud software there are updates and additional features being added frequently and many users may not even be aware of the improvement which may have occurred that may be useful to them. So I have been through the software updates which have occurred this year and picked out just a few which may be useful – these (and the many others) are directly from the XERO website.

Batch deposits

For those of you dealing with customers paying by check/cheque or paying multiple invoices at once, this feature will be a huge time saver. Batch deposit is the accounts receivable equivalent to batch payments. From the Sales dashboard, simply select the invoices to be paid and press the ‘Deposit’ button. Once you’ve confirmed the batch, payments (or part payments, if you’ve adjusted the amounts) will be created for the selected invoices – no more need to drill into each individual invoice.

Receipts (invoice payments)

Receipts can be sent to thank your customers for invoice payments. These can be initiated from a batch deposit, where a separate email for each unique customer will be created, or from any single payment record. Xero will attach a copy of the receipt to each receipt email. Note that we don’t yet support sending receipts on cash (Receive Money) transactions – this is something we’re considering for a future release. You can add your weight to the Community request for this.

Create Cash Receipts

You’ve been able to create receipts from Xero for a while now, from both single invoices and batch deposits. Now you can create receipts from Receive Money transactions too.


XERO have also launched an education hub that provides training to – XERO U. You can learn the way you want to learn depending on your availability and personal preferences, choosing from videos, webinars, self-paced learning, live training and more.