MYOB Essentials

Exciting enhancements for MYOB Essentials!

Georgia Muegel

MYOB have recently announced that they will be rolling out some changes to its MYOB Essentials software product. Don’t worry, MYOB Essentials isn’t changing completely, it will still have its core simplicity and features that we know and love, it is just a few tweaks here and there to make Essentials even better!

The enhancements to Essentials have been designed with the client in mind, meaning they have listened to the feedback given to them by those who use Essentials in their day to day business and want improved functionality within the software. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make a big difference, and this is exactly what I believe these new changes will bring.

Of the numerous enhancements announced by MYOB we are most excited for the improved reporting capabilities, flexible payroll processing features, as well as a new design to support mobile/tablet device screen sizes.

The newer version of Essentials will be available to new customer subscriptions from March onwards. Those of you who are reading this are most likely already MYOB Essentials users and you’re probably thinking “when is mine going to change?”. A great question! The roll out will be performed progressively, and this is due to begin in May for existing MYOB Essentials users and this is completed on a file by file basis. Be on the lookout for emails and notifications from MYOB during this time for updates.

As an MYOB Essentials enthusiast, I am super excited for these changes and I think you will be too! Keep an eye out for more information from Green Taylor Partners on this topic! We will be running sessions towards the end of the financial year to assist with all things MYOB Essentials including an in depth look into the new enhancements, Single Touch Payroll finalisation for the year end, and other processing tips and tricks.