Regional Travel Voucher Scheme

Emma Koschitzke

Did you know that any Victorian resident over the age of 18 can apply for the ‘Regional Travel Voucher Scheme’?

This includes a $200 voucher (per household) providing you have spent at least $400 across the following categories:

  • At least 2 nights paid accommodation
  • Paid tours & experiences
  • Entry fees to regional attractions

As we all know the travel industry has been one of the most heavily affected by Covid-19. Now that we can travel freely throughout our own state it is a great time to support as many of those small businesses as we can.

The Regional Travel Voucher Scheme is a great excuse to get in touch with your local travel agent and book a long weekend away or to visit some of our own local attractions.

For more information on the eligible regional travel areas, claim periods and how to apply, please visit this website: