Basic Customer Service

Peter Cramer

Let me share an experience of recent times that has reinforced the importance of showing genuine interest and concern for your potential customers.

Many businesses struggle and cannot differentiate themselves from the next business selling the same product. (Well, they could, but they cannot work out how to!)

I was after a product that is not sold in Horsham, so I have had to search far wider. I rang two businesses that were listed as suppliers.

The first was Adelaide, were terrific to talk to, knew the product and were extremely helpful. They took a genuine interest in my questions and even though I am some 4.5 hours away from their store – they answered with enthusiasm and gave their thoughts and ideas of how my needs could be solved. They said they would love to deal with me even though they knew Melbourne was closer. (They even told me there would be a distributor in Melbourne).

The second was in Melbourne – and were totally disinterested in my questions – basically told me as little as they could, were probably yawning as they spoke and did not give me any assistance – so reading the website was more informative!

Due to the lack of interest shown by the Melbourne store – I will not bother with them and will buy from Adelaide if I proceed. Because they showed interest and were so helpful – they have given me the impression they are better, more knowledgeable and I can trust them more.

But are they better? Maybe not. Maybe the Melbourne store has advantages – but I will not find out as they have lost the chance to have my custom! (This is a significant purchase – it is worth getting the sale!)

The simple message is –

  • to show care about your potential customers (plus your existing ones!)
  • train your phone operators to answer with enthusiasm!
  • train your team to be enthusiastic in their discussions and care about your customers.

In today’s world of disinterested salespeople and staff who sometimes appear they want to be elsewhere – this is one way of differentiating your business! If you have great customer relationships, treat people well and take a genuine interest in their needs – you may well get the results you are after, plus you and your team will get a lot more enjoyment from what they do!