Demand a Refund!

Ross Laycock

Have you ever thought that you may have paid for unnecessary insurance or taken out unnecessary extended warranty?

There may be opportunities available to apply for a refund if you can prove that this has happened to you.

From a little bit of research, it appears a lot of people have been caught out and a significant number of them have been able to recoup some of these proceeds.

Examples that often get mentioned seem to involve :

  • Car loan insurance
  • Consumer credit insurance
  • Home loan insurance
  • Extended warranty
  • There seems to be many other instances as well

What can you do?

If you google “Demand a Refund” there are a number of agencies who can help you with :

  • Do you have a claim
  • How to find appropriate policy details
  • How to prepare claim documents
  • Where to submit those documents
  • How to follow up your claim progress

We are not always good at reading the fine print, but it might be worth some consideration if you have any lingering doubts as to what you have been paying for these services.