Business Values

Our business is conducted in accordance with the following values:

  • Accountability
    Commitments are met on a consistent and timely manner.
  • Open and free communication
    Praise is given when due and constructive criticism made when warranted.
  • Integrity
    Consistency of performance, treatment and attitude in all dealings between team members and clients. Genuine concern and care shown for all clients.
  • Professionalism
    The completion of tasks within agreed performance standards and responding to communication from clients on a consistent and timely basis.
  • Self improvement
    To undertake professional development and training and be committed to the process.
  • Good corporate citizenship
    To donate ones time, expertise and gifts to the wider community.
  • Enjoyment
    Work will be an enjoyable and challenging experience providing both professional and personal satisfaction.

Business Vision

Our vision is simply to be the best.

We believe being the best is:

  • Being recognised as the pro-active market leaders in all areas where we have a presence.
  • Pro-actively pursuing the objective of increasing your wealth.
  • Providing an enjoyable place to work for all team members.
  • Providing superior training programs nurturing professional growth of team members.
  • Being the number one choice for prospective clients and new team members.
  • Providing long-term career opportunities for team members.
  • Having clients and team members who are loyal advocates of the firm.

Our culture is one of a continual aim to be the best. This culture is applicable to all aspects of the operations of the firm. Future directions, attitudes, processes and decisions will be assessed against the question: Are they consistent with our aim to be the best?

To achieve our vision we commit to:

  • Working towards a quality system and consistent approach
  • Upholding established firm values
  • Receiving and responding to your feedback
  • Being pro-active in providing innovative solutions to your needs
  • Expanding our systems and processes to provide a greater range of services and a high level expertise to you
  • Continuing to increase and raise the profile of Green Taylor Partners as striving to be the best

Business Mission

Our mission is to:

  • Enjoy a lifetime partnership with you, providing you with pro-active, value-added accounting & business services
  • Provide you with the highest quality of Business Advisory and Compliance services
  • Legally minimise your taxation commitments
  • Assist business owners to achieve their business and personal goals
  • Provide our services within a friendly, approachable and caring environment
  • Provide an excellent work environment where quality team members can experience an enjoyable and flexible working relationship