Financial Literacy

David Hadley

Recently I read a great post on Facebook by Ric Payne in relation to financial literacy. Ric mentions that he was talking to a friend and that they were looking at buying a rug. The retailer was offering interest free terms, however there was a small monthly fee of $8.95, hardly $2 per week. The […] Read More

Cutting Out Digital Distractions

Ryan Schirmer

The information age we live in is fantastic; need to look up the closest restaurant: Google it. Need to get instructions on how to do anything; Look it up on YouTube. Want to know what your Friends & Family are up to; Facebook them. However, with all this excellent information at our fingertips 24/7 365, […] Read More

Do You Have A Will?

Emily Moore

Have you been Meaning to do a Will? What is a Will? Our death is not a subject we like to think about, but having a will is the best way to make sure your possessions and property go to those you intend. There are three things a Will generally needs in order to be […] Read More

When should you start investing? Yesterday!

Matt Richardson

I have written about this subject before, so forgive me if this is nothing new, but this concept has not changed. When people ask when the best time is to invest, the answer is always yesterday.  The reason for this answer relates to the power of compounding. This is best illustrated with an example of […] Read More

Accounting Jargon Buster…

Emma Koschitzke

Ever talking to your accountant and have no idea what they mean when they use words such as, gross profit, accruals, income statement or balance sheet…? Like any industry, there is ‘lingo’ associated with it that gets thrown around. But this lingo is not always explained and at times, just assumed that you will know […] Read More

Cafe Employee

Employee Entitlements and Rights

Rohan Brown

Employment related issues are often very complex and therefore a specialised area when requiring consultation. As Accountants we are often asked questions in relation to these matters and although we often have a working knowledge of the rules, by no means are we experts in the area. So where can people access assistance with employment […] Read More

First homebuyers grant

Save for a House Deposit

Ross Laycock

Start building your home deposit today. Buying a house is exciting and life changing. It all starts with saving for the deposit. Find out how much you’ll need to save and get tips to help you save faster. How much you need for a house deposit A great savings goal for a house deposit is: […] Read More

Basic Customer Service

Peter Cramer

Let me share an experience of recent times that has reinforced the importance of showing genuine interest and concern for your potential customers. Many businesses struggle and cannot differentiate themselves from the next business selling the same product. (Well, they could, but they cannot work out how to!) I was after a product that is […] Read More

Regional Travel Voucher Scheme

Emma Koschitzke

Did you know that any Victorian resident over the age of 18 can apply for the ‘Regional Travel Voucher Scheme’? This includes a $200 voucher (per household) providing you have spent at least $400 across the following categories: At least 2 nights paid accommodation Paid tours & experiences Entry fees to regional attractions As we […] Read More