The Fine Line between Business Failure and Business Success

The results of a major research study into small/medium enterprises were recently released which provide an interesting insight as to the reasons for and impact of business failures. The study was conducted among 1018 business owners or business decision makers of organisations of 200 employees or less. The study also was conducted among 212 accountants […] Read More

Learn how to motivate your Team

Traditionally at this time of year organisations will be beginning to prepare for the often dreaded ‘annual performance review’ process. One critical mistake made by employers during any review process is the perception everyone is motivated by financial reward. It may seem that giving perks (like paying annual bonuses, awarding free travel and giving time […] Read More

“Eat that Frog” to beat Procrastination!

“Eat that Frog!!!” Eat the what?!?! I hear you say. As you are all aware, at Green Taylor Partners we aim to be as proactive as we can for our clients. Part of this is doing additional reading which not only includes compliance related information, but ways that we can generally assist our clients. Whilst […] Read More

Interested in a FREE safety consultation for your business?

Are you a Victorian business with less than 20 full time equivalent employees? If so, you may be able to register for a FREE 3 hour safety consultation. To many of us the WorkSafe regulations are very technical and overwhelming so working out where to start to ensure compliance is just mind boggling! However if […] Read More

Are your workers Employees or Contractors? The ATO is checking!

The ATO have for a long time been implementing measures to ensure that contractor arrangements are legitimate business dealings. The ATO in their 2011/2012 audit program found that 48% of those businesses reviewed were incorrectly treating employees as contractors (The Taxpayer, October 2012). There are a number of reasons why employers may be treating employees […] Read More

Guarantee your Business Success (or substantially improve your odds!)

Last month David Hadley posted an excellent blog on a couple of instances of poor customer service that he or members of his family experienced whilst shopping locally. The disappointing thing about one of those experiences was that the perceived poor customer service was provided by the new owners of a business that had just […] Read More

Cold Calls from Stockbrokers

My last blog in November discussed what investors can learn from the collapse of Banksia and how finance companies such as this are situated in the fixed interest market. In the last 6 weeks I have seen another example where consumers and potential investors are “targeted” by unscrupulous types, backed by a very well oiled […] Read More

Customer Service; What a difference it can make

Christmas is a great time of year… the weather is getting warmer, people are enjoying a well deserved break, kids have school holidays and, of course, the giving of gifts. Obviously most of these gifts are purchased from local stores so it is a great opportunity for our small businesses in the region to show […] Read More

Business Failures on the Rise; What can you do now to avoid being a statistic?

Some 20 years ago I went to a seminar on business development and strategies for business growth. At that seminar I picked up one really critical principle – the principle known as the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule. I subsequently purchased a book written by Richard Koch called “The 80/20 Principle” which provided a […] Read More

Fish! A powerful parable that will help you love the work you do!

FISH! You may ask what the #!$@ do fish have to do with an accounting firm? Fish is in fact the name of a best selling business book – by Stephen C Lundin Ph.D, Harry Paul and John Christensen – a powerful parable that will help you love the work you do¬†– even if you […] Read More