Tax Planning

May and June is the time for tax planning as 30 June looms down on us. Accountants love 30 June and celebrate like New Years Eve. But the lead up to the end of June is very important for all businesses. Many of our clients have now completed reviews of their figures and have now […] Read More

Why do Interest Rates matter for property owners?

This seems like a pretty simple question with a very obvious answer.  The higher interest rates are the higher the interest costs payable for borrowers.  End of story….or is it? Interest rates need to be looked at in a bit more detail to try and understand how they affect your own situation, whether it be […] Read More

Remaining profitable on less income

Many small businesses are regularly facing profit pressure coming from either a moving client base to other alternatives or simply price pressure on their products due to competition. This is not just small business but also larger business as well. I recently read an article in regards to BHP and how they have tackled the […] Read More

The 6 Financial Mistakes To Avoid In your 50’s

I recently came across an excellent written by article by Jack Derwin for that I thought would be of interest to our readers. This was of particular interest to me as I am in this age group and many of my clients are as well. This article is summarised below with additional comments as […] Read More

Quiet Time is Opportunity Time

For many small businesses, January can be generally slower than other months. This is a great time to take a holiday or spend some extra time with family and friends. But it also gives rise for great opportunity to plan, organise or take on a new project. You may look at re-evaluating your goals and re-set your […] Read More

Global Financial Crisis

What happened to the dividend & interest income? According to Wikipedia the 2008 Global Financial Crisis (GFC) was considered by many economists to be the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. The resulting panic and irrational investor behaviour saw many investors sustain significant losses when they switched out of plunging global equity markets (including […] Read More

Car Expenses

Lately I have found myself discussing the rules around claiming motor vehicle expenses quite frequently with clients so what better topic to blog about? The following rules apply to individual taxpayers and individual partners of partnerships who use their car for income producing purposes. These rules do not apply to Companies or Trusts. The claim […] Read More

Some basic financial tips for school leavers

When I was 18 managing my money was not the highest priority on the list.  As I recall sport and socialising received the most dedicated attention! However what I have learnt since I left school is the earlier you do get into some good financial habits the less financial trouble you will find yourself in […] Read More

5 Smart Rules for Life and Death

As accountants we are continually looking to ensure our clients are educated and advised of issues that are important to their lives and their families. I have included the common issues discussed with clients, but have added a new topic not often considered. Do you have a current Will? I stress a ‘current’ Will since […] Read More