Social Media Facts That Will Make You Sit Up And Take Notice

We have been a strong believer in the use of social media to get our business message out there. In fact, we have been using social media since 2010, so would be seen as an early adopter in this space. We believe that social media should not be used solely to push your products and […] Read More

Bad feedback on Social Media

No one likes to receive negative feedback, especially when it is aired publicly which is the real world of internet and social media. Industries such as hospitality and accommodation have particular websites to leave feedback which commonly involve customers taking photos and posting them via sites such as Trip Advisor and Urban Spoon. But no […] Read More

How have you dealt with your Digital Life in your Will?

I recently attended an excellent Estate and Succession planning seminar. A topic came up with regards to ‘How you have dealt with estate planning for the Facebook Generation’. This was presented by Craig Spink of Spink Legal. In the session it was raised the need to deal with issues such as control of your email, […] Read More

13 Tips for Effective Marketing through Facebook

As I have highlighted in my earlier blog articles, you should have a social media presence as part of your marketing strategy. The most popular platform is currently Facebook. I therefore recommend that if your marketing plan incorporates a social media presence, then you should set up a Facebook page as a minimum. To use […] Read More