The internet of things, the Jetsons are becoming reality

The buzz word of the last 12 months has been the ‘The Internet of Things’, geeky it may seem, it also follows on from a recent comment I heard from a prominent IT expert saying that the internet as we think of it will cease to exist. Don’t panic, we are not talking about losing […] Read More


As XERO is cloud software there are updates and additional features being added frequently and many users may not even be aware of the improvement which may have occurred that may be useful to them. So I have been through the software updates which have occurred this year and picked out just a few which […] Read More

Add-on Software

The current generations of accounting packages such as MYOB and Xero offer access to a wide range of add-on software packages or apps for a better term. These software packages are generally developed by other software developers and often fill specific niches. In years gone by, software users were often frustrated at the lack of […] Read More

Email Etiquette

Email is not a new method of communicating, but there are important etiquette issues to be aware of. Over time a number of usage concepts have evolved to become commonplace in using email. The efficient and appropriate use of email should be your priority. The inspiration for this blog was experiencing a major “no-no” in […] Read More

Old is New Again…the Latest Cloud Based Accounting Software Solutions!

Last week Green Taylor Partners ran an information evening show casing the various cloud based software solutions. Regular readers of our blogs and newsletters will have seen past articles I have written in regards to cloud computing with MYOB and Xero in particular. Through the accreditation process of Xero I have become quite relaxed about […] Read More

The Evolution of Accounting Software

Christmas week is fast approaching people are busy getting ready for their final Christmas parties, finishing up their drinks and getting those last minute presents (note to self). It is also a time for reflection and what we have achieved over the past year. Of late my reflections have been of the changing face of […] Read More

Take a Digital Detox

Are you finding that you spend a lot of your time playing email tiggy? This can be especially prevalent in office environments where team members may be just metres away from each other but communicate via email! This type of communication has been seen to be becoming a real issue within business and having serious […] Read More

Did you know you can package an iPad/Tablet through your wage?

Are you thinking about buying an iPad/Tablet for work related use? Why not package it through your wage & save some money? Sounds too good to be true I know but with the right advice and forward planning you can save a significant percentage of the cost of the device just by correctly structuring the […] Read More

The Information Age: Friend or Foe?

Albert Einstein once said “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing“. In today’s technological world it’s not only how much online information there is available and how quickly you can find it but also distinguishing the correct information from the incorrect. Just recently a client rang with two questions, whilst I knew the answer to […] Read More

Laptops, Ultrabooks, Tablets, Netbooks… What are they all and what do they do?

With the world of technology developing constantly, the days of just buying a computer with a screen, mouse and keyboard are gone. Mobile device innovations mean we now have a huge range of laptops, netbooks, ultrabooks and tablets to choose from. Not to mention the hybrids that mix laptops and tablets together! The mind boggles! […] Read More