Are You Ready for SuperStream?

The SuperStream program is the first major foray by the Australian Tax Office into the digital future. SuperStream represents changes to the way superannuation is processed and, for many employers, it will be their first venture into the world of automated processing. What is SuperStream? These changes have been brought in by the ATO to […] Read More

How Will You Gain Happiness in Your Life?

Recently I came across an interesting Blog post on the Harvard Business Review, HBR Blog network. Written by Dorie Clark, Strategy Consultant, it was headed “Why Can’t We Stop Working?” The article spoke about the writer meeting with a friend she hadn’t seen for a couple of years. What she saw of what once was […] Read More

How to Avoid Becoming a Commodity!

These days more than ever the competitive advantage pursued by many is to discount and commodities an industry. Prime examples of this include warehouse pharmacy stores, electrical retailing and hardware. As a result, the relentless pursuit of being the cheapest product and service provider has meant that the smaller service focused business is eventually forced […] Read More

Things are tough out there in Business!

I think we’d all agree that things seem pretty tough out there in the business world today. In fact, many would think we have been hit with the perfect storm – recessionary like conditions, political uncertainty, growth in internet ecommerce, increased consumer saving, just to name a few. However, as a business owner, you have […] Read More