Goal Setting & Happiness

After sitting in on an interesting webinar conducted by Ric Payne of Principa, I felt compelled to share it with you. The webinar was titled “A Goal Setting Workshop” and described how research has shown that happiness is strongly linked to success. Therefore once you are successful you will become happy and content. Everyone though […] Read More

Catching up with our new SMSF Members

Today at Green Taylor Partners we held a casual luncheon and information session for Trustees of recently established Self Managed Superannuation Funds. The new Trustees were invited to have lunch with us and take the opportunity to ask any questions about their SMSF or voice any concerns that they may have had. Lots of questions […] Read More

You could lose your Plant or Equipment if it is on another Business’s property!!!

Did you know if you plant or equipment is on another business’s property and they go into receivership you could lose it!?!? If your plant or equipment is on the premises of another business that goes into receivership and you have not registered your interest using the Government’s Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) then it […] Read More

New Changes for Self Managed Superannuation Trustees

There have been a couple of changes made to responsibilities and obligations imposed on SMSF Trustees kicking off effectively 7th of August and these are now Law. Let’s have a look at them. Trustees must consider insurance for Fund members as part of the Investment Strategy for an SMSF I think this is a good […] Read More

Using a Buyer’s Agent to purchase property

Many prospective property investors fail to follow through in making a purchase due to their fear of “getting it wrong” and not having the confidence that their own research and negotiating skills are adequate. One method of addressing this is to engage a property expert, commonly known as a Buyer’s Agent. What is a Buyer’s […] Read More