Retirement – It’s not (just) about the money!

I believe I have written about this topic before, but with the amount of conversations I have been having with many clients and friends on this same subject over the last 12 months, it feels appropriate to raise it again. Retirement usually involves one or a combination of the following: Sale or transfer of a […] Read More

Financial education – Rich Dad, Poor Dad

On a recent holiday I read one of the latest book or Robert Kiyosaki, Why the Rich are Getting Richer. This is a reminder of the points taught in Roberts bestselling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. For those that are not familiar this book the story behind the book is of Roberts Poor Dad, who […] Read More

“The 8th wonder of the world”

I have been asked many times – “How much money do I need to retire on?” My answer is always the same – “it depends on what your living style will be when you retire”.  If you are going to take an overseas holiday every year and lavish those around you with gifts – then […] Read More

The 6 Financial Mistakes To Avoid In your 50’s

I recently came across an excellent written by article by Jack Derwin for that I thought would be of interest to our readers. This was of particular interest to me as I am in this age group and many of my clients are as well. This article is summarised below with additional comments as […] Read More

Will you be living on 30% of the income in retirement?

I have recently listened to an interesting speech by Meg Heffron who is an Actuary and known within the Industry as a specialist. She was speaking about the level of retirement savings of different age groups and what kind of retirement income these will allow for. One of the age groups she spoke about was […] Read More

Four important steps in planning for aged care

Getting old is one thing that those of us lucky enough will need to deal with. One of the more challenging and complex areas to deal with is aged care. Planning for aged care, although includes structuring assets so as to minimise the costs associated with aged care, needs to include being aware and understanding […] Read More

Retirement – Its not just about the money!

Over the last 20 years I have dealt with a large number of clients who have transferred from their full time working life to retirement. If there is one piece of advice I can give anyone who may be preparing for retirement it is this: It’s not just about the money! Don’t be fooled by […] Read More

SMSF’s – a good news story

This is a good news story I wanted to share to give you an example of what can be done using a SMSF. Client “Fred” wanted to buy a business property for $500k but didn’t have the funds – he had $200k in his SMSF and personal assets with equity to borrow.  We set up […] Read More