Superannuation Planning – What is happening / What might happen??

Peter Cramer, Kerry Schultz and myself recently attended the SMSF Association National Conference in Melbourne. We spent some time reviewing the status of a couple of policy announcements from last year’s budget as well as reviewing some of Labor’s proposals for superannuation should they win Government.  I will provide some commentary on these below: Previous […] Read More

How will a Labor victory affect your SMSF? A possible plan….

I have recently read an Australian Financial Review opinion piece from John Maroney, the CEO of the SMSF Association, Australia’s premier independent professional body representing the Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) industry. The article details how key Labor policies, if elected, will have an impact on SMSFs.  Below I have extracted important pieces from the article. […] Read More

Super Changes – It is starting to happen!

It is now 6 months since the May budget superannuation announcements, these announcements in some cases have been significantly amended and now we are at the stage where legislation is being introduced to Parliament. Finally! So what does it all look like and what will it mean for taxpayers? There are many different components to the proposals, […] Read More

2016 Federal Budget

Some really good things coming out of the Budget announcements! I am sick of all the negativity from commentators and Politicians following the Budget. So I am setting some facts straight! Firstly of course – the Budget is a proposal, it is not law and won’t be until a Party gets elected and then their […] Read More

Will you be living on 30% of the income in retirement?

I have recently listened to an interesting speech by Meg Heffron who is an Actuary and known within the Industry as a specialist. She was speaking about the level of retirement savings of different age groups and what kind of retirement income these will allow for. One of the age groups she spoke about was […] Read More

The (Super) Times are a Changin’

We are less than 10 days away from Scott Morrison’s first budget and one thing you can guarantee is there will be some proposed changes to superannuation. What will the changes be? We don’t know exactly as the Government has confirmed nothing at this stage, but the next guarantee I can offer you is the […] Read More

Happy New Year! Well almost…

It’s less than 12 weeks to the end of the Financial Year! That fact means that there are lots of things we should be thinking about putting in place before the tax year runs out. Put in place final salary sacrifice plans so that you make full use of the tax deductible super available to […] Read More

SMSF’s – a good news story

This is a good news story I wanted to share to give you an example of what can be done using a SMSF. Client “Fred” wanted to buy a business property for $500k but didn’t have the funds – he had $200k in his SMSF and personal assets with equity to borrow.  We set up […] Read More

SMSF penalties – You need to be aware!

The penalty regime for SMSF Trustees has been in place for over 12 months now and it is appropriate we remind Trustees what they need to be aware of. The ATO Commissioner will impose penalties where certain SMSF breaches have occurred. But firstly, the Commissioner needs to confirm the actual contravention before any penalty can […] Read More

ATO Interviewing SMSF Trustees

Our many Self managed Superannuation Trustees might be interested to know that the ATO is randomly conducting phone interviews with SMSF Trustees asking them about their new SMSF. In some cases, the ATO selects SMSF trustees for “interview” by telephone before the ATO decides whether to allow the set-up of a SMSF to proceed. Per […] Read More