Peter Cramer: Why haven’t you got a Will yet??!!

Why haven’t you got a Will yet??!!  Well I know the ‘answer’ – (or is it the excuses?) – There is plenty of time – Don’t know where to start – Costs too much – Too busy just now – I’ll do it for sure…. – I don’t have enough assets to worry about it…do […] Read More

Succession and Estate planning. Where to start.

Recently in discussion with clients it is clear that many people want to undertake the Estate and Succession planning, however they are unaware of how to go about it and who can assist them. Anyone with assets needs to consider their future Succession and Estate planning needs. The terms are used interchangeably, but whilst similar […] Read More

Have you documented your Estate planning?

Time and time again I talk to people that have an ‘idea’ of what they want to happen with their estate. They more often than not have a Will and think they may have completed a Power of Attorney. Year after year the we ask those same little questions during their tax interview and before […] Read More