Let us help you to take the worry, mystery and uncertainty out of “Estate Planning”.

We understand that it is sometimes hard to face up to this important part of planning, and often it is easy to “put it off”.

Green Taylor Partners has developed specialist skills in succession planning and estate planning so that your business and farm succession can take place as smoothly as possible.

These specialist skills also allow for strategic planning and techniques to ensure assets are protected during your lifetime, and are ultimately passed to the next generation in the most tax effective manner.

That is why we are here – to hold your hand as we listen to your concerns and what is important to you – then put together an Action Plan for you to take to your legal adviser to put the plan in place.

It is about making it easier for you.

Look at the "Now"

  • What worries you?
  • Are your assets protected?
  • Is there a "wall" between you and being sued?
  • Which assets are not part of your Estate?
  • Are your beneficiaries at risk?

Identify the Issues

  • What would happen in a crisis?
  • What risks do you face?
  • Who gets your Estate and when?
  • Worried about your kids?
  • If you could wave a magic wand - what then?

We help you work out the answer

  • By asking questions
  • With strategies to protect assets
  • By planning for future control
  • By giving asset protection and tax benefits to your beneficiaries

Make it happen

  • Put actions in place
  • Assist you to implement changes
  • Report to you and your solicitor
  • Make you feel better about things
  • Make things crystal clear

You'll feel more secure about your future