Kathryn Hamilton

Insurance… How Boring!

It may sound boring but very important!

Do you have your car insured? How about your house? Your income? What about YOU?

We are all very aware how important it is to have the things we can see insured like our homes and vehicles, but what can be more crucial and forgotten is our income and our lives.

How would you afford to live if you were off work from a non-work accident or injury? How would your family survive financially if you died?

Recently I had a friend who hurt her ankle severely in Netball and was off work for over two months. She is a nurse and needs to be on her feet to work. After a month off work, she made a comment to me in passing that she needed her ankle to ‘hurry up and heal’ so she could get back to work. My response to her was don’t you have income protection… Na….. Have you looked to see if you have income insurance in your Superannuation Fund? And her reply was “HUH?!”

For most of us who have an industry Superannuation Fund, when it is set up you will have by default received some kind of Income Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance, and Life Insurance. So, go have a look at your Super statements and see what you have and is it enough!

Make sure that if you get hurt that you can still afford to live. Or if you die – you want your family to be protected.

Green Taylor Partners are not financial advisors, but we can point you in the right direction if you need some guidance on this. Please call us – when the worst happens, we don’t want money to be a concern!