Look For Solutions, Not Just Problems

Ryan Schirmer

Here’s an article for every member of every team. Problems (or challenges, as we prefer to call them) are a natural offspring of change, and plenty of them are seen in the workplace every day.

Becoming a finder of solutions, as opposed to just pointing out problems or complaining about them will make you an invaluable member of any team.

Too often people think complaining is a constructive act and once the complaint is noted, no further action is required by the individuals. They’re keen on identifying all of the problems – often in an accusing fashion – but contribute little towards improving things.

Both in and out of work, people become experts at dodging personal responsibility and using their energy to criticise others instead. We’ve all done it at some time or other, but as we look for other people to blame, we disempower ourselves.

In the long run, the finger pointing approach simply does not work – the organisation’s values grow out of individual employees’ values. So instead of pointing fingers, and trying to assign blame, a business would be so much stronger if everybody in it assumed ownership of problems and said “let the solutions start with me.”