5 Life Lessons for Business Success

David Hadley

I have always believed that the principles that you apply in one activity can be applied in another. This certainly can be the case with sport and business.  I read a blog (HybridBizAdvisors) that states that sport has a way of teaching us valuable life lessons. As we grow up participating in sporting activities as a part of a team, we should win and lose with dignity and never give up or stop trying:- the game is not over until the final whistle is blown. After the activity, you can reflect on ways to improve.

Winning in business is no different, execute your game plan, avoid critical mistakes, always keep trying (to do better), and don’t give in. You should always believe that you will be able to meet the challenge ahead. Don’t let years of experience of average results hold you back.  

The blog mentioned 5 things to remind yourself to avoid defeating yourself;

Fail Forward: You are going to make a mistake at some time. Learn from it and then move on. Nothing will be gained from dwelling too long on it.

Dream Big: Even if you do not make it to the end, you will have gone further than if you had aimed small.

Avoid pessimistic people: They will probably not achieve a great deal and take all the wind from your sails.

Be Grateful: Appreciate the small things and the big ones will follow.

Be positive: With yourself and your abilities.

Sticking to your game plan is just as important in business as it is in sport and applying the above principles to anything you do in life will assist in reaping the rewards of success you are striving for.