Interested in a FREE safety consultation for your business?

Kerry Schultz

Are you a Victorian business with less than 20 full time equivalent employees? If so, you may be able to register for a FREE 3 hour safety consultation.

To many of us the WorkSafe regulations are very technical and overwhelming so working out where to start to ensure compliance is just mind boggling!

However if you are a Victorian business (with less than 20 full time equivalent employees) a great place to start is with a free 3 hour independent safety consultation. The safety consultant will come to your business premises, help identify safety issues and provide useful advice to ensure your work place is safe.

The safety consultant is independent so they do not report any safety issues back to WorkSafe. They will supply you with a ‘Safety Action Plan’ which will identify safety issues and rank them in accordance to their priority. The safety consultant is required to supply a brief document to WorkSafe, which is signed by you, simply providing evidence that the consultation occurred to enable payment.

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