What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

David Hadley

With another year behind us and a new one just beginning we all begin the year in anticipation of it being better than the last.

Some of us will even make “New Year’s Resolutions” such as: – lose weight, spend more time with the family, work less and or make more money. (Some resolutions are more extreme than others dependant on how late into the night it is on New Year’s Eve), and yes I made a resolution!

Whilst we all have the greatest of intentions at the time, this does not necessarily guarantee that we will be successful. Like with anything, simply stating that you are going to lose weight or not work as hard does not make it happen.

Firstly, make your resolution not necessarily exact, but specific. ‘I am going to lose 4kgs by May’ or ‘I am going to cut back on my hours at work from 60 hours to 50 hours a week by 30 June.’ If you don’t quantify your goal how do you know if you have achieved it? Then put this in writing to continually remind you of what you are trying to achieve.

Next you need to understand how you are going to achieve these goals. If you wish to spend more time with the family, you may decide to go into work earlier, learn to delegate or improve your time management skills so you can come home earlier at night. Even better, plan an activity when you get home so you have a commitment that you have to meet. Or if you wish to make more money you may begin by seeking professional advice or reading some practical financial advice books. As an example, in the book ‘The Richest Man in Babylon” (George S Clason), one of his rules was to save 10% of what you earn.¬†An easy simply way to start.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to share your resolution with someone. Sharing your goals makes you more accountable and assists with focusing on achieving your aimed result. Share it with someone who is supportive and will assist you in making your resolution come to fruition.

All the best for the forthcoming year and I trust we will all be able to meet our New Year’s Resolutions!

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