Putting an appropriate business structure in place from the start

Kerry Schultz

When clients are planning to start a business it is important to identify and implement an appropriate structure that will suit their commercial and personal requirements.

In many cases there will not be a single perfect business structure and it will be necessary to weigh up a range of factors in order to arrive at the structure that is most suitable.

The following are functions which a client must consider with each structure choice;

  • Ownership and equity funding
  • Control
  • Establishment, maintenance and wind-up of structure
  • Risk Management
  • Operations
  • Return on Investment
  • Tax Efficiency

When deciding on a business structure review the above functions for each structure and choose the structure which complies with all the must have requirements and meets most of the important requirements as identified in the above function review.

There is no one right answer – each client has different needs and each industry has different risks which all need to be addressed individually. So if you are thinking about starting a business or feel a structure review is in order please contact the team at Green Taylor Partners.