SPAA SMSF National Conference

Peter Cramer

This week Matt, Kerry and I will be spending 3 days at the National Conference for SMSF professionals in Melbourne. This conference will attract around 1500 delegates who will listen to specialist speakers on a range of topics relating to Self Managed Superannuation Funds and the people who have them – (or should have them!).

Matt and I have been attending these conferences for around 10 years – and there is always a new strategy or new information (or legislation change) that makes the trip well worthwhile. The chance to discuss strategies and ideas with other professionals from around Australia is a real positive too.

There is so much about SMSF’s that can be advantageous to many of our clients – there are significant benefits to be enjoyed. A couple of the specific areas are:

  • Running your own Fund – taking control of your future and making decisions to best assist you to grow and develop your wealth. For business clients this may typically involve moving business assets into your Fund.
  • Provide the potential for tax free income now and for the rest of your life!
  • Holding assets inside your SMSF that you know are totally protected from your creditors – ie can’t be attacked.
  • Using assets held in your SMSF to provide certainty for your estate planning – ie you set up your affairs so that you know exactly who is going to get what (and that it is beyond a Will challenge).
  • Using the SMSF to provide for those you leave behind.

Another real benefit is that we work very closely with our clients to ensure their SMSF works effectively for them. We very much enjoy the relationship we build with our SMSF clients – and as they grow – they can rest assured that they have the perfect vehicle to provide for their financial and wealth protection needs for as long as they live.

So maybe now is the right time to think more about starting your own SMSF! We will be looking forward to getting more clients involved in this exciting area – and also providing more advice and assistance to our existing SMSF clients!

Also – early notice – we will be running a specific SMSF client evening in March to be followed by a subsequent specialised Estate Planning session to cover off this ever increasingly important area.

Perhaps we might even find time to do a little socialising at the conference, can’t be all work and no play.