My three words for the coming new financial year

Chris Foster

I recently came across a great little article via CPA Success.

It centred around Chris Brogan’s 3 words tradition. Chris Brogan is a content marketing and lead generation expert.

This is a simple concept to get you focus on what’s important to you for the next year and helps you prioritise opportunities and challenges that you may encounter during the year.

In Chris Brogan’s words:

I challenge you to dig deeper, to find three words that could be used as lighthouses to guide you through stormy seas; that can be used as flags on the battlefield of your challenges, words that will bolster you and give you a direction that goes beyond the goals you might attach as a result of these words.

My three words for 2015 are:


To continue to motivate and extend myself and not to be complacent in everything that I do


Having moved to a new area I must make an extra effort to be social and introduce myself to new people and form new social and business networks


“To keep learning new things that can make me a better person both in my personal life and as a business adviser”

So those are my three. What are your three words for 2015? Give it a go – it really keeps you focused on what really is important to you. And it’s quite simple to do!