What can we learn from the Tourist Industry

David Hadley

No doubt like a lot of our accountants at Green Taylor Partners I too take a keen interest on how things are done with other businesses and farming practices even whilst on holidays.

Recently whilst holidaying I was intrigued in the way some of the tourist industry looked at ways to obtain the extra holiday dollar. As a family group we were looking forward to a morning of Jungle Surfing. Yep, hanging from a zip line high in the canopy of the Daintree.

After an early morning drive to our destination, we arrived at the designated place to be picked up by the bus. Upon entering the premises early in the morning, the smell of coffee led me to cash register, it was just what I need to keep me going. Plenty of souvenirs on display as I make my way to the reception desk will certainly have a closer look upon our return from the tour.

Upon registration we are all given a bandana. These were introduced to assist with the cleaning process of the helmets that we are required to wear. I was told that the cleaning process was a long, drawn out and costly affair, with this introduction the process costs have reduced far more than the cost of the bandana. This is certainly increasing the effectiveness of the process. Not only that, this is one more way of promoting the business as I am sure I saw kids walking around with the bandana. They are now apparently looking at T-shirts as well as the harnesses become hard to clean after being coated with insect repellent and sun screen.

After arriving via the bus to begin our adventure, then being harnessed we received our helmets that represent our alto egos, yep Superman for me, hang on he has grabbed the wrong helmet. All guides do the same procedure with each participant to make everyone feel comfortable and safe. Once again having a system in place to ensure things are done right.

After being taken through the safety drill, next thing we are flying through the air. Again systems come into play as we arrive at our first stop. The guides continual talk to you (no doubt scripted) on how they are harnessing you securely to the tree which minimises any risk of injury to ensure everyone enjoys the experience. This system also allows less experienced team members to become guides quicker, once again improving the effectiveness of the process. Ah yeah, don’t forget to smile for the camera whilst hanging upside down, these will be ready for us to purchase upon our return (more opportunity for the tourist dollar).

Phew, feet back on the ground, back in the bus, we are on our way to the souvenir shop. Photos look okay, 1st photo $20, every other photo $5, we had a great time some want to keep a memento, photos will be perfect. Not very much for the extra photo so may as well get one for all of us. What a great way of increasing the average sale, got us while still on a high from the experience and in holiday mode so willing to spend.

During the tour there was lots of discussion on their Night Walk Tour. Definitely trying to get us to come back – increase the number of times we come back. Thought that we may have been offered a package deal though to increase the average sale though?