Open for Business

Shane Bryan

We’re getting a lot of questions about whether we’re still working, so we thought it is timely to give an update on the GTP team. It is business as usual here at Green Taylor Partners! The entire GTP team is available, willing and ready to assist with clients’ needs during normal business hours.

How we are accessible

Although the office is not open and we aren’t meeting clients face-to-face, we are using both old and new technologies to assist us in meeting client needs such as tax return preparation, BASs, tax planning and other discussions.

Phone & email

By using our existing phone and email systems together with technology such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom we can collaborate with you in real time, just as if we were meeting face-to-face. In fact, with the assistance of technology, we can also meet face-to-face using computers with web-cams, iPad or simply the camera on your mobile phone.

During this period of social distancing, some of our team members are operating from home, but rest assured they too are committed to delivering the client experience you’ve come to expect from Green Taylor Partners. The only difference you may find is that when calling to speak to a team member who is working away from the office, they may call you back rather than you being directly transferred through to them.

Client Meetings including Tax Planning

In the coming months we will be undertaking tax planning with many clients. These meetings are traditionally completed face-to-face, however due to strict social distancing rules we will be undertaking these in a number of different methods.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for these meetings, and we will be adapting our approach to meet our individual clients’ needs and desires. We understand that not all clients desire to meet via video or may not have the ability to utilise those technologies.

In general meetings, can be conducted by:
Telephone, where we can talk you through your results and expected tax position.
Desktop sharing applications, so you can see our screen in real time and watch the tax planning process.
Video conference, where we can have a face-to-face discussion using web conferencing technology.

We can also combine these methods to tailor a solution for you and your requirements. An example is, a phone discussion in conjunction with desktop sharing so we can have a conversation via the phone, and you can view our screen on your computer.

Accounting software demonstrations and training

Software such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom also allows for remote desktop control which can be very useful if you need us to look over your shoulder and help you with computer applications or processes. This is not necessarily new to use, but for a lot of clients may be the first time they have used such technology with their adviser.

Rest assured that during this period of great uncertainty, Green Taylor Partners is here for you, willing and ready to help – whether by phone, email or video.

Green Taylor Partners normal business hours are 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. If wishing to deliver documents to the office, we have a mail slot next to the door. Parcels larger than what will fit in the mail slot can be delivered to the front door during business hours.