Energy Crisis! What can we do?

Daniel Blay

I’m pretty sure you are all aware we are experiencing a major global energy crisis at present. The cost of living is increasing daily. Food, Fuel, Utilities, and the cost of basic supplies are going up rapidly in price.

I guess you’re thinking “Well, I can’t do anything about it!

Indeed, it sounds somewhat grim but there are number of things we can do to improve our economic position during the current challenges.

What we can do is start to evaluate how we, as individuals, use resources on a day-to-day basis.

This can be done by measuring your carbon footprint or your ecological footprint. I have attached links to calculators for you to look at how many tonnes of carbon you currently use and the likely future impact this will have on the environment.

After referring to these calculators, I was surprised by the amount of energy I used, considering I thought I was very conscious of electricity, gas, and fuel usage.

It might sound simple but by changing little habits such as: turning the power points and lights off in a room not being used, limiting time for devices being used, walking, or riding the bike, preparing healthy meals etc.….

These little changes can help us reduce financial stress, improve personal health and wellbeing as well as helping the environment.