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Teaching the ‘Next Gen’ the value of a dollar

We all want the best for our kids. We buy them everything they need and sometimes far too much of what they want, and yet somehow, it’s never enough and they’re constantly wanting more. Kids are constantly asking for things they want – lollies, toys, canteen money etc. Take this opportunity to start a conversation […] Read More

Rising Cost of Living.

Inflation… A word we’re all hearing a lot lately!  Food, fuel, housing – ALL the everyday essentials are skyrocketing and has many young Australians more than a little anxious and looking at ways to tighten the belt; or find a secondary source of income!  Managing your money effectively is important, especially in times of uncertainty […] Read More

WorkCover Insurance & the Excess Buyout Option. 

Did you know, just like Home or Car insurance, when one of your employees makes a workcover claim, as the employer, you are liable to pay an excess? You can avoid the risk of paying the employer excess by selecting the excess buy-out option on your WorkCover Insurance premium. The buy-out option is a feature you can add or remove from your […] Read More

Home Guarantee Scheme Expansion

Stuck in the rental cycle? Struggling to buy your first home? Did you know the Labor government have just announced a significant expansion of criteria for the Home Guarantee Scheme? Previously, the guarantees had been restricted to single applicants or people in a married or de-facto relationship. From 1st July 2023, joint applications for the First Home Guarantee and the […] Read More