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Updates to HECS/HELP loan.

It has been announced that in the 2024 budget amendments are being made to the way HELP (Higher Education Loan Program’s) are being indexed to make it more fair for all Australians with a HELP Loan. New Legislation Previously, HELP loans were indexed based on the Consumer Price Index (rate of inflation). The new legislation […] Read More

Working holiday Makers (WHM’s)

With 2024 being right around the corner, and harvest quickly approaching, now is a great time for arefresher on working holiday makers. As the world is becoming increasingly engaging in the global workforce, businesses are increasingly tapping into the global workforce. However, it is crucial for employees to understand their obligations when hiring WHM’s.  1. Understanding Visa Regulations: • There […] Read More

Tax Refund

Looking at a Tax Refund this year?  (even though our refunds are probably reduced this year) Want some smart ideas of what to do with your Tax Refund? With some extra coin it is always tempting to go off and splurge, but that is not necessarily a good idea!  Try the following ideas of what […] Read More

Updates to SG & Medicare Levy Surcharge

The government’s 23/24 Federal Budget has released a range of measures including changes and updates to super guarantee and changes to the current Medicare levy surcharge threshold. Changes to Super Guarantee (SG) While the minimum surcharge will continue to increase 0.5% every year, The Government will introduce legislation requiring employers to pay super on payday […] Read More

Managing cashflow for young individuals

Managing savings & minimise spendings for young individuals. As a young individual it can be difficult to manage and save money. There are countless expenses presented to individuals that when managed poorly – are not financially viable. However, there are ways to engage in these activities responsibly and minimise the damage to the bank account. […] Read More