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Stage 3 Tax Cuts

How does this affect you? From 1 July 2024, the Stage 3 tax cuts will come into force for all Australian individual taxpayers. This will result in savings for all taxpayers with incomes above $18,200. What are the changes? The annual savings will be $1,679 for a taxable income of $80,000, $2,679 for a taxable […] Read More

July 2024 Superannuation Changes

There are a number of changes happening on 1 July 2024 to various superannuation thresholds.  Some of the important changes include the following: 1.Standard Concessional Contribution Cap – $30,000 (increase from $27,500). 2. Standard Non-Concessional Contribution (NCC) Cap – $120,000 (increase from $110,000). 3. Non-Concessional Bring Forward Caps – refer to table below: Total Super […] Read More

How will the $3 Million Superannuation rule work?

The Labor Government is looking to impose a new, extra tax of 15% on earnings for taxpayers with a Total Superannuation Balance (TSB) of greater than $3.0m. In the Treasury Paper released by the Government, “earnings” is defined as the change in your TSB from the previous financial year, after taking into account contributions and […] Read More

Carry Forward Unused Concessional Superannuation Contributions

I have written about this topic a few times now – mainly because it is still one of the most overlooked strategies to help manage your taxation and superannuation planning. The 2019-20 financial year was the first year you were able to contribute “unused” concessional contributions from a prior year. This year, 2023, is the […] Read More

How do “Off-Market” Share Buy-Backs work?

Recently Commonwealth Bank (CBA) and Woolworths (WOW) had offered investors the chance to take part in an “Off Market” buy back of shares. In general terms this requires an investor to “tender” their shares for sale through the buyback offering. The final buy back price is typically at a discount of around 14% of a […] Read More

When should you start investing? Yesterday!

I have written about this subject before, so forgive me if this is nothing new, but this concept has not changed. When people ask when the best time is to invest, the answer is always yesterday.  The reason for this answer relates to the power of compounding. This is best illustrated with an example of […] Read More

Carry-forward Super Contributions (An important reminder!)

Earlier in the year I wrote an article about this topic.  I am finding this continues to be a fantastic opportunity (and is often overlooked) for those taxpayers who: Have a Total Superannuation Balance (TSB) under $500,000; Would like the ability to reduce their taxable income; Would also like to provide for their retirement by […] Read More


I thought it would be a good time to put a reminder out about what are the common characteristics of successful investors. None of what I have listed below is rocket science and none of it will be new or a surprise to anyone who reads this.  The surprise however, is how often these points […] Read More

Early Access to Superannuation – Make the Decision Wisely! By Matt Richardson

Most of you will be aware of the ATO’s measure to address the impact of COVID-19 allowing people early access to their superannuation.  This concession allowed taxpayers to access up to $10,000 prior to 1 July 2020 from their superannuation fund and another $10,000 since.  The withdrawals would also be tax-free. In order to meet […] Read More

Coronavirus Land Tax Relief – Do you qualify?

You may be eligible for Land Tax Relief, if you are a commercial or residential landlord in Victoria. The amount of land tax relief is a 25% reduction on the property’s 2020 land tax.  You also have the ability to defer payment of your remaining land tax liability up to 31 March 2021. Eligibility Requirements […] Read More

Important Jobkeeper Update

The Government has recently passed legislation regarding the all important JobKeeper Payment. For all of you that have questions which may include: how does this process work? which businesses does it apply to? who is an eligible employee? what if my employees have been stood down? does whether superannuation have to be paid? what happens […] Read More

Carry-forward superannuation contributions

The 2019-20 financial year is the first year you may be able to contribute “unused” concessional contributions from a prior year. Any unused concessional contributions (annual limit currently $25,000) from the 2018/19 financial year and onwards can be used on a rolling basis for up to 5 years!  Any amount not used after 5 years […] Read More

Becoming a Better Investor

As you are probably aware many of us at Green Taylor Partners enjoy the philosophy of Scott Phillips, Chief Investment Officer of The Motley Fool.  Scott can be read or heard regularly in Nine/Fairfax press, Money magazine, Weekend Sunrise on Channel 7 or on the Triple M – Motley Fool podcasts (which I highly recommend). […] Read More

Rental Property Investors & The Tax Man

You may have read in the financial pages of your weekend newspaper recently with the ATO confirming rental property investors will be firmly in their sights when submitting their 2019 tax returns. Based on recently performed random sampling the ATO has found 9 out of 10 income tax returns contain errors relating to non-compliance with […] Read More

Estate Planning & Superannuation – Who do you NEED in control of your SMSF?

We have written many articles and presented several sessions at our client seminars on these issues over the last few years to demonstrate the complexity involved with getting older, incapacity and death of members in an SMSF. A case in the Supreme Court of Queensland last year (Narumon Pty Ltd as trustee for John Giles […] Read More

Superannuation Planning – What is happening / What might happen??

Peter Cramer, Kerry Schultz and myself recently attended the SMSF Association National Conference in Melbourne. We spent some time reviewing the status of a couple of policy announcements from last year’s budget as well as reviewing some of Labor’s proposals for superannuation should they win Government.  I will provide some commentary on these below: Previous […] Read More

How will a Labor victory affect your SMSF? A possible plan….

I have recently read an Australian Financial Review opinion piece from John Maroney, the CEO of the SMSF Association, Australia’s premier independent professional body representing the Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) industry. The article details how key Labor policies, if elected, will have an impact on SMSFs.  Below I have extracted important pieces from the article. […] Read More

Can You Keep Your Cool in a Falling Stock Market?

It seemed timely that I recently read another excellent article by Bruce Jackson (formerly of the Motley Fool but now from The Capital Club) in relation to falling and volatile stock markets.  This article was written on October 12 2018. In the last few weeks, world markets have experienced some wild swings which naturally tests […] Read More

Retirement – It’s not (just) about the money!

I believe I have written about this topic before, but with the amount of conversations I have been having with many clients and friends on this same subject over the last 12 months, it feels appropriate to raise it again. Retirement usually involves one or a combination of the following: Sale or transfer of a […] Read More

Property Investment Traps for Investors to Avoid

There are always tips and traps to remember when property investing but here are some traps investors should avoid: 1) Lack of Property Maintenance Like any investment, your property and your tenants need to be treated with respect.  If your property falls into a state of disrepair this can result in a multitude of problems.  […] Read More

Civil Penalties for Trustees of SMSF’s

There are generally 2 types of penalties the ATO can impose on SMSF Trustees for contraventions which have taken place: Administrative Penalties – this is generally for minor breaches of the SIS Act.  The ATO will normally request the Trustees to take measures to amend or correct the breach and providing this is done in […] Read More

Employees – Want some easy money??

One of the frustrations many of our employee clients have is they are sometimes limited in their ability to claim tax deductions to help reduce their taxable income. However, one of the changes made in last years’ Federal Budget is currently flying under the radar due to the focus on many of the other complex […] Read More

Sharemarket Volatility

Can you handle the truth?? There have been some amazing swings on the US Sharemarkets’ Dow Jones Index in the last few weeks.  On some days the market has been close to 1,000 pts (approx. 4%) down during a daily trading session. Obviously, the Australian Stock Exchange behaviour tends to mirror what is happening overseas […] Read More

8 Money Ideas for the Early Years!

As we approach the festive season, financial discipline (along with dietary discipline) tend to fall by the wayside and New Year’s resolutions about getting yourself into shape are usually the result.  Here are 8 simple ideas to guarantee your long-term financial fitness. 1. Ditch some or all of your credit cards As of September 2017 […] Read More

Should you buy a holiday house?

A common topic we speak to clients about is about the merits of purchasing your own holiday house.  The start of these conversations are usually based on a recent holiday the clients have been on, where they absolutely love the coastal town they’ve just stayed in but have paid a fortune for holiday accommodation. Client: It […] Read More

Even on holidays you never stop learning

I was recently lucky enough to travel to Europe with Jane for 5 weeks. It was something we had planned for a few years and it turned out to be the trip of a lifetime.  We crammed as much as we could into every day and tried to learn as much as we could about […] Read More

Superannuation changes from 1 July 2017

Is the world about to end?? With two weeks to go until 30 June 2017 I thought it was the right time to offer a reminder of what is happening to superannuation from 1 July 2017.  It is also the right time to remind you of what actions you might need to take to ensure you are well prepared for […] Read More

You never stop learning

Recently a few of the Directors of Green Taylor Partners went to a Practice Management conference which focused heavily on leadership, personal development and also how technology was impacting the accounting industry. I will admit whilst driving to the Airport my motivation levels were low due to the amount of work I had left behind […] Read More

Why do Interest Rates matter for property owners?

This seems like a pretty simple question with a very obvious answer.  The higher interest rates are the higher the interest costs payable for borrowers.  End of story….or is it? Interest rates need to be looked at in a bit more detail to try and understand how they affect your own situation, whether it be […] Read More

Goal Setting – Characteristics of Successful People

Some time ago I wrote about goal setting and about how it was a common characteristic of successful people in a variety of fields, be it business, sport or life. Over the last few years I have taken it upon myself every January to write down what I want to achieve for the next 12 months.  These […] Read More

Super Changes – It is starting to happen!

It is now 6 months since the May budget superannuation announcements, these announcements in some cases have been significantly amended and now we are at the stage where legislation is being introduced to Parliament. Finally! So what does it all look like and what will it mean for taxpayers? There are many different components to the proposals, […] Read More

Goal Setting & Success

In our roles we meet a lot of clients, advisers, consultants and a range of professional presenters and speakers. Through these meetings and observations we are continually looking for common factors behind successful businesses and successful people. We would define success as achieving what you set out to achieve, regardless of whether this is a […] Read More

Investing in the Australian Sharemarket

I am a great fan of The Motley Fool, which is a service I subscribe to for advice on investing in the sharemarket. It is easy to read, full of common sense and is a great reference point for new and experienced investors. Below are some great tips they have about investing in the Australian […] Read More

The (Super) Times are a Changin’

We are less than 10 days away from Scott Morrison’s first budget and one thing you can guarantee is there will be some proposed changes to superannuation. What will the changes be? We don’t know exactly as the Government has confirmed nothing at this stage, but the next guarantee I can offer you is the […] Read More

Retirement – Its not just about the money!

Over the last 20 years I have dealt with a large number of clients who have transferred from their full time working life to retirement. If there is one piece of advice I can give anyone who may be preparing for retirement it is this: It’s not just about the money! Don’t be fooled by […] Read More

Credit Card Fraud – Are you next?

It’s probably happened to you, a member of your family or someone you know. Credit Card fraud is increasing at an alarming rate which is not so surprising given the increase in online shopping. What is surprising is many innocent people are being ripped off and don’t know this is happening to them. Savvy fraudsters […] Read More

Four investing myths

There is so much information available to investors at any time that it is now becoming difficult to determine if that information can be relied upon. I thought it was an opportune time to try and sift out some of that information we believe is a myth rather than a fact. Myth One All property […] Read More

SMSF penalties – You need to be aware!

The penalty regime for SMSF Trustees has been in place for over 12 months now and it is appropriate we remind Trustees what they need to be aware of. The ATO Commissioner will impose penalties where certain SMSF breaches have occurred. But firstly, the Commissioner needs to confirm the actual contravention before any penalty can […] Read More

What have I learned in the last 6 weeks?

You can continue to learn a lot in a short amount of time, but in the last 6 weeks I have been reminded of some pretty important lessons I have learned previously.  A couple of these points I have mentioned in my previous blogs. The Richest Man in Babylon This is a financial book by […] Read More

Global Financial Crisis

What happened to the dividend & interest income? According to Wikipedia the 2008 Global Financial Crisis (GFC) was considered by many economists to be the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. The resulting panic and irrational investor behaviour saw many investors sustain significant losses when they switched out of plunging global equity markets (including […] Read More

Control the important things you can control!

Are you in business and/or an investor and feel like you are not getting anywhere?  Or worse still, you don’t actually know if you are making progress financially? Then you need to take control – and you need to do it quickly! Some easy and important things you can do to work out if you […] Read More

So – what is going to happen with superannuation taxes? (pure speculation)

We are only a month away from Joe Hockey handing down the 2015 Federal budget and there is no doubt superannuation taxes will feature prominently. There has been all sorts of speculation as to what may happen, so I thought I might as well throw my opinion in. Please note, I have no “inside information” […] Read More

Defence Housing Australia (DHA) property investments – How good are they?

The purchase of a DHA investment property appears to provide all that most property investors are looking for. It is typically a 3 to 5 bedroom house, 2 or 3 bedroom townhouse or a 2 bedroom apartment with the following characteristics: The properties are generally no older than 2 years, therefore providing high depreciation deductions […] Read More

Investing for Income – Is it time to think differently?

With the RBA likely to announce further reductions in official interest rates during the year, this will be yet another blow to fixed interest investors who have faced a number of years of declining interest returns. If and when the RBA announces this interest rate reduction, you can guarantee the big banks will drop their […] Read More

Hey property investors – want a Christmas bonus?

Every year the ATO announces they will be targeting property investors in relation to the legitimacy of deductions they are claiming. This is especially for items such as interest and repairs and maintenance. However, the majority of property investors are doing themselves a massive and expensive disservice by not properly claiming depreciation and building allowances […] Read More

What makes a smart property investor?

Buying one investment property does not make you a successful property investor. In fact, we unfortunately see some of our clients property investing mistakes due to not being smart with their property investing decision making (and don’t worry, we’ve all made investing mistakes – but these mistakes hopefully make us all better investors!). So how […] Read More

A reminder about the power of compounding

I came across a great article written by Pete Wargent a couple of weeks ago which reminded us about the 8th Wonder of the World – Compounding Returns! Some things about compounding don’t appear to make any logical sense on face value. When the value of an investment doubles at regular intervals, the increase in […] Read More

Some basic financial tips for school leavers

When I was 18 managing my money was not the highest priority on the list.  As I recall sport and socialising received the most dedicated attention! However what I have learnt since I left school is the earlier you do get into some good financial habits the less financial trouble you will find yourself in […] Read More

How important are dividends?

I read a great article recently titled “Dividends: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” by Joe Magyer from the The Motley Fool group and it makes for interesting reading. Every investor in the world (especially Australia) loves receiving dividends, but Magyer’s article questions if paying dividends is always the best strategy for a listed […] Read More

What Makes a Great Investment Property?

There are many theories as to what makes a great property investment.  Different investors and different property “experts” all have their theories as to what makes a great choice of investment property, some of which include: It must have a significant land component because land appreciates and buildings depreciate; It must have at least one car […] Read More

Borrowing to Buy Property in a SMSF…The Real Truth!

I have written about this subject before in my blogs however it is still attracting plenty of media attention so I thought it was worth further comment. It relates to borrowing to buy property in a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) under a Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement (LRBA). Certain articles in the media are alluding to […] Read More

Don’t Make These Property Investment Mistakes

There are lots of things you need to do to minimise mistakes when purchasing an investment property.  There are also some traps you need to avoid, here are a few: Not having a financial buffer Investors should have a “rainy day” reserve for unexpected events such as lack of rent through tenant vacancies, repairs or […] Read More

Why You Should Consider Life Insurance…

Over the last couple of years but in particular the last couple of months, the relevance of life insurance has become even more prominent. I have had close friends, clients and relatives (none of them at an age that would be considered “old”) all suffer serious illnesses with potentially devastating long-term consequences.  All of which have […] Read More

5 Key Strategies to Protect Your Assets

Peter Cramer, Kerry Schultz & I hosted an “Asset Planning” seminar in our offices last week with a full house of over 50 attendees present as well as 12 people listening in via our online webinar. The main topics covered during our session centred around protecting your assets as well as looking at ways to […] Read More

Stop Making Excuses – Just Do Something!

Because its finals time in the AFL I felt it was appropriate to paraphrase one of the great VFL/AFL coaches of all time in John Kennedy. Kennedy was an extremely tough player and a successful, but uncompromising coach for Hawthorn who is acknowledged as one of the finest orators in the game. In one famous […] Read More

What’s all this “hoo-ha” about FBT & Cars?

Well if you’ve lived on another planet recently or can’t get yourself past the sports pages and the Essendon peptide saga, you may not be aware that the Federal Government has announced a significant change to the taxation treatment of employer provided and salary sacrificed motor vehicles. The changes will take place for vehicle contracts […] Read More

Is a Self Managed Super Fund right for me?

With the continued rise in popularity of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) it is important to realise that having a SMSF is not the “golden ticket” to retirement riches. A SMSF is an excellent option for many investors, however it does not suit everyone. Some significant questions need to be addressed before an investor makes the […] Read More

The TRUTH about Superannuation Taxes

A few weeks ago Peter Cramer, Kerry Schultz & I were speakers at a Superannuation Seminar we ran for approximately 100 clients. One topic of discussion was the Government’s attitude to superannuation taxes. Currently there is mass confusion being generated in the superannuation arena by our politicians due to the dire predicament of the nation’s […] Read More

I want to invest in property – What do I do now?

Many of our clients ask this question and our response to them usually is – “What are you really trying to achieve?” Some people only want to invest in property because they see advertisements in the newspapers crowing some of these lines: Let me show you how I made $1 million in 24 months; How […] Read More

Investing in Cash can be risky too!

At the time of writing, Peter Cramer and I are currently at the Self-Managed Superannuation Association of Australia (SPAA) National Conference. One of the recurring themes in several of the sessions on the first day of the conference is the issue facing members of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) who are currently accessing their benefits as […] Read More

Cold Calls from Stockbrokers

My last blog in November discussed what investors can learn from the collapse of Banksia and how finance companies such as this are situated in the fixed interest market. In the last 6 weeks I have seen another example where consumers and potential investors are “targeted” by unscrupulous types, backed by a very well oiled […] Read More

What does the current Banksia predicament teach us?

We are all now very aware of the news of Banksia’s demise in the last fortnight with around 15,000 investors being affected. Half of these investors are over the age of 55 and if they are not in a position to stay in or return to the workforce, their ability to recover and replenish their investment may […] Read More

5 Key Strategies for Estate Planning Evening

A couple of nights ago Peter Cramer and I hosted an Estate Planning seminar for our clients. The fantastic thing we are now able to do with these client presentations is provide access to our clients who cannot attend via a webinar service. Clients can dial in at home over the internet to listen in […] Read More

Using a Buyer’s Agent to purchase property

Many prospective property investors fail to follow through in making a purchase due to their fear of “getting it wrong” and not having the confidence that their own research and negotiating skills are adequate. One method of addressing this is to engage a property expert, commonly known as a Buyer’s Agent. What is a Buyer’s […] Read More