Finding the right person to join your team

Finding a person to join your team takes precision, dedication and persistence. And just finding someone with the right skills is not enough. Your company and your team have a distinct culture. The best candidate for the position then, will be someone with the right skills who is likely to fit into your business’s culture and not leave shortly after being hired. Here are some tips for finding the right match.

Consider current team members for promotion first

Before going outside of your organisation, look inward.

Perhaps there are current team members who have expressed an interest or aptitude for the skills required for the position. Promoting internally and also allowing team members to develop their interests and move laterally breed goodwill and employee loyalty.

You may also want to look to your employees for possible outside candidates. They have a good sense of what it takes to succeed in your company and who is likely to fit in.

Publicise employment openings

Once you have explored internal possibilities, be sure to publicise your employment openings.

It’s important to be strategic when thinking of where to post. Be sure to include a listing on your corporate website. Customers who are familiar with your company can make some of the best employees.

Be sure to list the job requirements, as well as the distinct advantages of working for your company. Consider a testimonial from a former or current team member.

Not only does it distinguish your company, but it lets potential team members know just how serious you are about creating a positive work environment.

Check references of job posting services

When you post your listing on other web sites and in other publications, ask for references to see how effective the site or publication is in garnering high quality candidates. Ask for references from companies that are similar to yours.

Be sure to keep track of where you have posted in the past and how effective it has been. This will help you make the best choices in the future.

Be honest and clear about role responsibilities

When you create your listing, it’s important to be honest and clear about the duties and responsibilities of the position. It’s also very important that you do not make promises that cannot be kept.

Overselling the position may catch you the best candidates, but it’s not likely to keep them. People become discouraged and disenchanted if promises are not kept.

Make your expectations specific

Likewise, it’s important to outline your expectations as clearly as possible from the beginning. Be specific about what you expect and what brings value to your business. This will help avoid any misunderstandings about priorities, position and pay.