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Accounting Jargon Buster…

Ever talking to your accountant and have no idea what they mean when they use words such as, gross profit, accruals, income statement or balance sheet…? Like any industry, there is ‘lingo’ associated with it that gets thrown around. But this lingo is not always explained and at times, just assumed that you will know […] Read More

Regional Travel Voucher Scheme

Did you know that any Victorian resident over the age of 18 can apply for the ‘Regional Travel Voucher Scheme’? This includes a $200 voucher (per household) providing you have spent at least $400 across the following categories: At least 2 nights paid accommodation Paid tours & experiences Entry fees to regional attractions As we […] Read More

Xero + Hubdoc = less work, more play…

I am sure a lot of you reading this would have never heard the word ‘Hubdoc’ before and in turn are not sure how it will make for ‘less work, more play’… So, here is a little overview to explain what it is, why we are talking about it and how it will integrate with […] Read More