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Inherited Assets and Cost Base

Have you inherited shares or property from a deceased person? If you have and are planning to sell these assets, you need to know what you cost base is to calculate if you have a taxable gain or loss on the asset. Determining the cost base of an asset can be challenging. Sometimes the records […] Read More

6 Tips to developing an investing plan

Planning is always a good key to have for successful investing. Creating a plan will help you find investments that fit your investing time frame and risk tolerance, to help you reach your financial goals sooner. This article from Moneysmart sets out 6 steps to get ready for investing.

What is Estate Planning?

Making a plan for when your gone, or you can’t make your own decisions is a good idea to make sure your wishes are carried out. This includes preparing and keeping your will up to date, setting up in your will any testamentary trusts and completing superannuation binding nominations. It should also cover how you […] Read More

We are all Busy!

I often have conversations with others in the office about how there are not enough hours in the day. How life is so busy, and how we are all searching for that illusive work/life balance so often talked about. This article by Megan Breen lists 5 ways to build your resilience. She says these are […] Read More

Christmas Parties and Fringe Benefits Tax

It is that time of the year when you are considering holding a Christmas Party for your employees. It is quite common for employers to provide Christmas parties and gifts at this time of the year. The Christmas Party is considered entertainment and in some cases be subject to Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT). Generally, the […] Read More

What is Life & TPD Insurance?

This is not a pleasant topic to raise but one we all should consider. Have you thought about insuring your life or covering your life for unexpected events? There are a number of different insurance policies designed to protect you when disasters happen in your life. Life Insurance Life insurance can also be called death […] Read More

Have You Got Income Protection Insurance?

Are you at risk of injuring yourself with the activities in your life? Do you need to insure yourself to cover loss of income due to time off work for injury? Income Protection Insurance pays up to 85% of your pre-tax income for a period of time if you are unable to work due to […] Read More

Superannuation Guarantee to increase from 1 July 2021

The superannuation guarantee (SG) is set to increase from 9.5% to 10% from 1 July 2021. SG is payable on an employee’s ordinary times earnings and has been 9.5% for a number of years. The SG rate is set to increase over a number of years when in 2025/26 it will be 12%. As an […] Read More